Connecting Families, Discovering Opportunities

LinkYid offers new families the opportunity to meet established families, who have similar interests. They are willing to share information and support families who need connections to get established in Vancouver.

LinkYid's Family Networking Program

For Newcomers to Vancouver

Our community is here to share information and support families who need connections to get established in Vancouver. Be it finding a family doctor, a dentist, childcare assistance, finding a good school, and recommendations for the best bagels and Kosher food options in town- our hosts are here to help!

Join LinkYid as a Family

For Host Families

If you are well-established in Vancouver, it’s easy to take for granted the support systems you have in place. In our city today, we have Jewish families who have come from all over the world and are starting from scratch.

To feel grounded in a new city, one needs connections and supports they can rely on. Moving to Vancouver can make a family feel isolated and even intimidated by the closeness of the pre-existing Jewish community.

Apply now and be a host

Help you can expect when you join LinkYid

  • Advice and guideance during your transition

  • Answers to questions about Vancouver

  • New friendships and social exchange

  • Mentorship and meaningful support

  • Integration into the community

  • Help with networking for employment

Ways you can help when you host a newcomer family

  • Host shabbat dinners and holiday meals

  • Invite a new family to social events

  • Answer questions about Vancouver

  • Offer information about schools and daycares

  • Orientation to city and restaurants

Process, Events and Steps to Success

1. Apply to the Program

The first stage of this program is an online application in which we gather some to the essential facts that will help us pair participants with the right host family, mentor, and other key individuals in the network

2. Matching Families

Matching of the host family and newcomers by Link-Yid staff.

3. Connect with your Host Family

Meet informally, get to know each other, tell your stories so that your host can best help connect you to the resources in our professional advancement and in our social network.

4. Social Outings

Host families invite newcomers to a planned social outing, such as a family BBQ, sporting event, or outdoor activity.

5. Networking & Business Events

Join us for events, like a network breakfast, a Sukkah party which will feature lectures by business innovators and opportunities to meet hosts, newcomers and the broader Link-Yid community

6. Follow Up

Ongoing follow-up by office staff to ensure both host- families and newcomers are supported in their partnerships.